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Data Security System

      Subscribers can be sure of payment via internet with high security system.
Encryption technology offers 3 levels of high security system as follows:

1. SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

2. Digital Signature

3. Triple DES 128 bits

These are presently top most updating and highest security technology.
  The system also issues Digital Sale Slip to people who do the payment as a receipt.

 Digital Sale Slip Digital Sale Slip is a receipt of payment via internet. Payer will get it after complete payment process.
His credit card is already deducted for the charge and is immediately transferred to Telecom service provider's bank account.

 Digital Sale Slip will show on screen after payer's credit card is deducted for the charge. Payer can immediately do print function foDigital Sale SlipThe copy will be sent to payer's email that is firstly informed.

Internet Data Center, Data Communications Department.
CAT Telecom Public Company Limited.
CAT Telecom Tower 13th Floor, 72 New Road , Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500, Thailand