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         Subscribers can make a payment of CAT services through Pay@CAT website, which we offer tools that the subscribers can acknowledge their balance, details of service, details of payment, email/SMS notification, including CAT Telecom newsletter

         Step 1: Create your account at http://billpayment.cattelecom.com ,the system will ask user to set Username, Password, email account, Mobile phone number, invoice number, and payment identification number in the account. Please note that for acknowledge your payment identification number, users must have an invoice which we will send it to you by post in prior; otherwise the registration cannot be completed. After the account has been created, the system will send the invoice automatically to your account in every billing cycle.    

         Step 2: After the registration the system will send the email to verify the user, please logged in to your email to verify the Pay@CAT account, and making a complete registration.

         Step 3: User can make a payment of CAT services through http://billpayment.cattelecom.com, by selecting your invoice, and choose the payment method (by Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard //by Bank Account: SCB, KTB, BAY, BBL, UOB). After selecting the payment method, press “confirm” button then the system will link user to external website for making a complete payment.

         For Credit Card Method: Pay@CAT will link user to BAY Payment Gateway, they will accepted all of credit card which have the Visa, MasterCard logo embedded. Please note that before using internet payment service user must contact with VISA, MasterCard first for register and verify your credit card account (Visa: Verified by Visa, MasterCard: MasterCard Secure Code) otherwise the online payment cannot be proceeded.

         For Bank Account Method: User must register the internet banking account with your bank, and then use Username and Password of internet banking to fill in bank external website.   

         Step 4: Waiting for the confirmation from your bank (Internet Banking will show that the payment have been completed) then it will automatically lead user back into Pay@CAT website (there will have the message show to user for the complete payment also) , you can print it as reference.

         Please note that if there are any mistakes while it is in the process of payment, please do not repeat the payment, otherwise user may encounter with twice billing. The best way to avoid this is to make a payment later in tomorrow.

         In case of incomplete payment, please investigate the cause of incorrect payment first, if your information is incorrect please put the correct information and make a second attempt. But if it is not that problem, please contact our call center 1322 to ask for our assistance.

         Step 5: Soon after CAT Telecom receive your payment, we will send the receipt/tax invoice to you by post shortly.

         If you have any question/enquiry regarding Pay@CAT service, please call CAT Contact Center 1322 for assistance (Our staff may ask for the information details regarding your payment)

         Remark        - Pay@CAT only available for regular customers using My by CAT network, international calling, C internet,Cable broadband,Callforword.

                            - For corporate or juristic person please contact counter service nearby.

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